Can't find an exact design? Looking to turn your logo to life? Start a custom today!

Our Process


The first step of our custom process is getting artwork done. No matter what your inspiration is, whether its a postcard, sightline, or even a logo, we can use it! Once we have an idea for the artwork, we send that off to our in house graphic designer, who will bring your custom to life digitally.


After the artwork is approved, we move to the mold stage. We send the artwork off to our vendors, and they send us back an original mold that is made specifically for your custom. The molds are high in definition and give a great idea of what your custom will look like after it is brought to life. Any revisions can be made to the mold to allow changes that might be needed.

Final Product

Finally, in the final product stage, the mold will be painted and turned into your final product! We will send the final product images to you for approval and, once they are approved, our vendor will start production! After production is complete, they with ship it to us. We will then ship your custom product to you, based upon the previously agreed ship date listed on your original PO.

*Custom processes and fees vary on a custom by custom basis. To inquire about more information, please reach out to [email protected]